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Have you ever experienced that a ball passes by you and, in that moment, you feel like you lose your breath? Have you ever wondered that this opportunity could have been yours? Sometimes, everything is determined by just one second. Quick, yet solid solutions and their professional implementation are the strategy that allows achieving the best results.

‘Aggressive Capital’ is a real estate investment fund management company licensed by the Bank of Lithuania. We offer a professional and contemporary approach to investment. We know the real estate market, we are able to analyse it, thus, after weighing each step, we turn risks into opportunities.

Conventional thinking is only a starting point. While everyone is looking to the right, we look to the left. Seeking to discover the untapped investment potential, we break the established dogmas and create new opportunities. Such opportunities that the competitors have not yet noticed.

We believe that the future belongs to the bold. That is why, ‘Aggressive Capital’ creates real estate funds that invest into alternative real estate development strategies.


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Aggressive Capital
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